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Supplier of Richardson hats and headwear.

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Work n’ Like A Mule

We look forward to working with you.

Leather + AppareL + Laser. LAL.

Are you a “Rural Coffee Drinker ?”

Stocking stuffers for the coffee drinkers in your life. 🎅🏻

15 oz stainless with matte finish. Slider lid.

No minimum. $25

Color options:
Stainless steel
Royal Blue
Light Blue
Light Purple
Dark Gray
Navy Blue
Olive Green (as shown)

The mug that will keep you “Kick n’ With Both Feet.” @workmulecoffeeco

Drop us a line. We’ll send the proper fueling mug.

#workmuleindustries #coffeemugs

Ride into the holidays with the best on-the-go drinking glasses. Iced coffee, tea, water, mixed, or not.

16 OZ
Bamboo Sealable Lid
Drinking Straw

We’ll personalize them with your name, business, slogan, motivation; whatever you want.

$7.50 a glass etched.

No set-up
No Minimum

Drop us a line.

#workmuleindustries #etchedglass

Gift Your Sports Fans This Holiday Season.

20 oz Football Tumbler With Slider Lid.


No Set-up Fees. No Minimum.

To order:
IG Messages
FB Messenger

#workmuleindustries #laserengraving #football #customtumblers 🏈

Now Available For All Custom Hat Orders - Full Grain Camo Leather ! 🤙🏻🇺🇸💥

We had some fun with this one adding in the topography lines.

To order custom hats with this camo leather, use any of our channels:
@workmuleindustries Messages
FB Messenger or online👇🏻

We’re a supplier of all Richardson hats and beanies among all the other big hat labels.

#wearworkmule #workmuleindustries #leatherpatchhats #camouflage #camoleather

Customize Your Holidays !

4 Piece Coaster Set $24.00. No Set-up Charge. This is a limited supply of full-grain chocolate leather. Our logo replaced for yours.

We’ll also engrave the pint glasses to match. $6.00 a glass.

To order:
Shop 📱541.604.5828
Email the details - or send us a message.

#workmuleindustries #leathercoasters #custompintglasses #customizeyourholidays

Hats off to these bad asses ! @nwfitgames

If an individual or team competition is in your books, we make custom tanks, t-shirts, and hoodies. We’ll keep you “Kick n’ Like A Mule.”

Ordering is easy. Call our shop 📱541.604.5828 or send the details:

#wearworkmule #workmuleindustries #crossfit #competitionshirts #customtanks

For our masonry buddies.

You don’t need a logo when ordering hats, just an idea. We’ll design it.

Wear WorkMule.

To order custom hats and the 112PFP, here’s how:
📱541.604.5828, IG Messages, FB Messenger, or online

#wearworkmule #customhats #workmuleindustries #leatherpatchhats

We have a new leather for any custom hat order.

Green and black is always a “W” in our book 📖.

We also have a new line-up of custom retro rope hats.

Drop us a line to talk options:
📱Custom hat line 541.604.5828

#wearworkmule #workmuleindustries #leatherpatchhsts

Custom beanies are the best.

We’re a supplier of cable beanies (shown), cuff beanies, Pom beanies, and beanies that fit under hard hats. Youth & Adult.

Drop us a line. Let us know what you need. We’ll make it happen.

📱541.604.5828 (custom hat line)

#wearworkmule #workmuleindustries #custombeanies #leatherpatchbeanie

We’re a supplier of the Richardson 862 #multicam

Drop us a line for your next hat order.


#wearworkmule #workmuleindustries #leatherpatchhats

Our WHY.


When you’re high rev, you need the best branded products.

We source bottles big and small.

Custom Order 👇🏻
Leather + Apparel + Laser. LAL.

#workmuleindustries #customwaterbottles

Rugged Tanks

Ironclad. Unparalleled. Exclusive. Be One of the Few.

Hoodies Coming Soon

Genuine looks. Endorsed. Field Tested.