How WorkMule Industries Became The Name For Custom Leather Patch Hats and Leather Patches

In 2018 we had a clothing company selling custom leather patch hats, slogan t-shirts, and hoodies. Our sources to make the products we wanted were limited, so we outsourced to local business that screenprinted, cut leather labels, and did the stitching. After awhile it was apparent the level of quality did not meet our standards.

2019 is when we went all-in on a laser engraver and two sewing machines. Our mission then and now was to make the best leather patch hats your hard earned money can buy. 

People have always sought pride in wearing their custom made caps. Hats are a statement in your day-to-day.


  • The WorkMule staple is custom leather patch hats & leather patches

  • We source the best headwear available
  • Our Trademark is our stitching

  • We source the finest leather for patches

  • We set an industry standard for our laser engraving backed by countless hours of perfecting the craft

  • We provide all inclusive customer service

  • Our work is dispersed throughout small business, corporate brands, hunting clubs, restaurants, sports teams, makers’, and everything in between