Starting a business ? Want your own brand ? Looking to re-work an existing logo ?

We can make that happen. We have experience in creation and have started several of our own brands. The best part is bringing your ideas to fruition and seeing your logo launch for the first time.  

We believe simple is effective and not breaking the bank when you’re getting established. 

Above is a showcase of some brands we’ve created logos for. 

If you work with us, we don’t charge anything additional to get you set-up for custom hats or laser engraved products. 

Click on “Order Custom Leather Patch Hats” tab at the top to provide us the details and inspiration (even if it’s on a napkin or sketch) for your logo. If you want to bypass the technology part and talk to a real person, use the “Drop Us A Line” tab at the top for our contact info. 

We’re transparent and we value your time and hard earned money.